Unconscious Encoding

Effective Communications –
Unconscious Encoding Process

Conscious Mind * Sub Conscious Mind * Super Conscious Mind

Conscious Mind = Judges, formulates an opinion based on logical deduction

Sub Conscious Mind = Stores relevant data without judgement

Super Conscious Mind = Accesses all you need

When we ask someone a question, they do not have a choice as to whether or not to answer the question. We always answer the question whether we verbalize it or not. Within, the inner narrator is always reviewing and endeavouring to make sense of your world, it chats on with commentary and can and does change it’s mind on the spin of a newsfeed. As it “judges” opinions of both self and the world “out there” it then agrees on allowing it into the storage or data base system. Once it’s handed over to the Sub Conscious Mind, it’s categorized, filed, and stored for further consideration.

The Super Conscious mind is the link to the vast Oneness that we are all a part of. Where do you get your ideas? Where does anyone? The Super Conscious Mind is accessible to all of us and in fact all of us are accessing it daily. When the mind gets locked into a position, believing it’s own “spin” and reinforcing it with stored evidentiary experience, then sometimes we need a little help.

Like the guy who believed he was a corpse. Visiting the doctor to review his problem, they both thought about the criteria that gave this man a belief he was dead. The doctor finally revealed a levelling point, “corpses don’t bleed, do they?” So agreement was made, a quick stab of the finger produced the drop of blood. The doctor found immediate pleasure in having dispelled the man’s problem so efficiently. The man however, observing the droplet of blood declared “well I’ll be darned, corpses do bleed”

How do you communicate with self and others? What are the primary encodings you are giving yourself daily?

What represents truth to you? What about the “spin doctors” both inside and out?

Have you ever asked yourself “Who Am I?” and waited to hear just what your deep self knows about you?

Private Coaching sessions provide intense personal reflection and resolution to some of those issues that may have continued to get in the way. Just like the guy who thought he was a corpse, the doctor didn’t change his mind, however, he certainly added a new perspective to his question.

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