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Stress can be found at the core of most issues. Stress often accelerates all of it. What happens is when we feel stressed, part of our brain signals release of cortisol and epinephrine and norepinephrine, sending signals to the heart muscle triggering a state of alert. These same chemicals respond to light in the morning, which lets us wake from . And, as a result, we can feel certain forms of stimulation, such as rapid heartbeat, increased blood pressure, shortness of breath, even heart palpitations and feeling a little like we could pass out. This whole constellation of a single stress response can, in fact, mimic medical problems. Over time, the anxiety begins to translate to something very different, it becomes a fear of the feelings associated with those anxious feelings and we become even more anxious; almost on guard against the possibility of those feelings showing up again! This increased activation of what we call the sympathetic nervous system is the one that gears us up for flight or fight.

We can and often do misperceive it, and with all of these symptoms, some people may feel as if they’re having a heart attack, when, in fact, with an anxiety state, these symptoms can just be a signal to tell ourselves to relax. However, the reality is, when we get into this kind of state, and quite often, we find all we want to do is minimize the possibility of it occurring at all. We begin to become very hyper-vigilant about what causes the stress, and avoiding all areas of life that might stimulate the stress.

This over focus on protecting oneself others often make fun of…”oh come on, you can’t be afraid of this little thing…”. Those comments tend to make us back away from the events even more.

Some people offer the advice to just breathe normally, or relax …like everyone else and this can elevate the stresses even more, as we begin to think there is something “not normal” about us.

How can we help?

Using NLP & Hypnosis we will reset these anxious feelings that are triggering the behaviour you no longer want, in a matter of just a few sessions. Even in the first session people find a diminished sense of stress by about 60%. The body continues to release the stressful feelings as we normalize the here and now, and help you release the fear of the past re-occurring.

Reliving old trauma

We’ve found this generally is not helpful, nor does it help to release the stress by reliving it over and over again. Instead we’ll teach you how to experience the calm and peaceful state you have for many areas of your life in deep trance where the unconscious can and does all this work for you.

Your deeper self

Is really so loving and so caring it really has just been trying to protect you from re-experiencing feelings that traumatized you in the past.

And the anxiety states you have been experiencing are really helping you get to the place where that feeling has troubled you for the last time! Enough is enough and that’s the moment you decide to book your 3-4 sessions to release this state of being, for the last time.

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