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A Powerful Approach for Sleep Loss and Depression

Using Hypnosis & NLP, we take you deep into those inner states of quiet the rest of the human population enjoys, every time they sleep!

Whether you are sleeping 12 hours a day or not, you are not going anywhere deep enough to re-set your inner computer, and that’s why the depression remains. If there is no chemical imbalance requiring medications, then this solution will work for you too, as it has for many others.

Using hypnosis and NLP, your inner computer will re-set it’s own internal chemistry increasing both the hours of sleep and the magic, is the depth of the sleep you will be reaching.

Interestingly enough, when the brain becomes deprived of these inner “feel good” chemicals, it will start to automatically reject positive thoughts, filtering them out like unwanted baggage. After a time all you are collecting is the negative and this generally indicates a decided lack of “quality” sleep is being achieved. Once we get this reset, your brain will take care of the rest.

Wherever your depression originated, what happens essentially is that it became a habituated pattern of thinking, a bit like watching a TV program you can’t stand but you end up watching it again and again anyway, more or less, since it started. These patterns can be well entrenched and we can help you change them in just 3-4 sessions with MP3s to listen to at home as well.

People suffering from depression tend to blame themselves for not being able to snap out of it and they end up feeling depressed about feeling depressed

We work with HOW you are processing inside and  not what you are thinking about, and enable to put past events in their proper perspective so shortly you will begin to think in a more positive manner about the future.

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Although we provide the direction, it’s really just your own brain working as it should, like everyone else’s is.

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