SLEEP as a Lifestyle Change



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Thirty per cent of North Americans suffer from chronic insomnia, 67% struggle at least once a week, and the number-one cause of sleep loss is chronic stress. Ninety per cent of visits to doctor’s offices are due to stress and 70% of North Americans are in a health crisis with weight and an increasingly sedentary lifestyle. The World Health Organization has declared sleep loss an epidemic, and the numbers have been rising since the start of the pandemic.






Recognizing chronic stress and anxiety as a factor in insomnia is one thing, but treating it successfully requires a far deeper understanding of the specific individual factors that influence and control our risk and response. Blaming our genetics is not the answer.  In fact today, neuroscience reveals that our genes affect less than 6% of our health outcomes.

The study of neuroscience and its influences on our behaviours is far more powerful than we ever thought. It turns out some of the tools of NLP and strategies that influence behaviour can help us with lifestyle changes and increase the release of our own internal chemical pharmacy. We can learn how to reset the central nervous system, reduce inflammation and restore normal sleeping patterns.

Key learning highlights: 

  • Learn the complex interaction between sleep disorders, the central nervous system stress pathway and the inflammatory response
  • Review the relationship between stress and sleep hormones and how this contributes to anxiety and insomnia
  • Learn the powerful change processes we can all use to increase sleep and decrease stress hormones.
  • Reviewing how neuroscience reviews stress, sleep, and resulting inflammation in order to provide an effective and lasting solution
  • Increase potential for lifestyle changes through neuroplasticity
  • Increase the release of the internal chemicals that create brain change, through mindful practices and meditation
  • Learn the critical components of SLEEP and how we can take back our sleep from restless habits that have long-term negative side effects on the brain
  • Learn Mental Contrasting, and Implementation Intentions to effect change


Contact us for information on the following courses:

  • The Neuro Leader – 6 weeks online via ZOOM
  • The Alchemy of Beliefs – 4 weeks online via ZOOM
  • Graduate Meditation Facilitator – 6 weeks online –
  • via ZOOM

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