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Reconciling Traumatic Memories (RTM)

Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD)


Fear of reliving the events over and over again
We know that anyone can develop post-traumatic stress syndrome, the fear of reliving the event, whether a soldier or not. Anyone who has been through a natural disaster, some sort of physical and/or emotional accident or assault, or a traumatic personal experience can suffer with and need assistance to release the fears of reliving the stress: this is post-traumatic stress syndrome. NLP & Hypnosis are very powerful allies when it comes to releasing the fears associated with PTSS.

The experience becomes the fear of reliving the events often over and over again
There is a similar set up to the events, either moving through them exactly as they happened or reliving them trying to get a different outcome to the events. Either way, the fear of reliving these events over and over can be all-consuming. These inner movies with no resolution, just the same perspectives over and over, create the traumatic repetition and it can be as if you are reliving the events with no end to them. Help for post-traumatic stress disorder can take place, but you first must do something about your thinking pattern. It is firmly ingrained in your subconscious, and it won’t change by itself.

Changing your way of thinking
How can you change the way you think about your traumatic experiences? You must work out a way to mentally remember the circumstances without them stressing you out. When you do this, a different scenario will take place in your mind – you won’t be able to help it. And then, the behaviours that remembering those stressful feelings usually caused will leave you as well, and your post-traumatic stress syndrome will be a thing of the past.

How do NLP and hypnosis help with my fear of reliving this event?
First of all, you are not made to relive your trauma. It’s not needed to recover from it. Instead, NLP consciously shows you another way to view it – to disown it, or disassociate from the experience altogether, and create a different “movie” in your brain that helps you to release the experience in a very significant way.

Defining the Post Traumatic Stress is really looking at the fears of reliving the events
* Frequent thoughts about the experience in your life
* Memories of the stressful time that almost seem real to you
* A numb feeling inside and out, as if nothing could penetrate your emotions
* The least little movement or noise will startle you
* You feel as if you are not a part of the world because of what you went through
* You either sleep too much or too little; your sleep pattern is not normal

How long does NLP & Hypnosis take to work on this?
The exact time it will take to create the change will vary according to the individual; however, you can expect to feel at least marginally better in the first session and in just three or four one hour sessions there will be a noticeable and positive difference that is beginning to shift into all areas of your life.

Generally,  signs and symptoms of panic disorders and phobic responses generally are not life-threatening.

Telephone: Free Consultations: ZOOM Classrooms
All are a great help in getting clarity on what the problem is, and how we can help you with it.

ZOOM Classrooms make it easy to work with you, wherever you reside!
Work perfectly for distance support and we work with people all over the world in this manner.

How long will my sessions last?
For most symptoms its 3-4 sessions, however, a Consultation will help you get greater clarity on what is needed.

What if I don’t live close to you?  Call us and review your options. Many clients fly in for a few days and we can complete all the sessions in the agreed period of time. We also offer ZOOM Classes which allow us to record the sessions for you, and you can work with us, right from your own home!

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