NLP Syllabus


Harry Nichols

This is the course, the training, the essential Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) that everyone is talking about and everyone can benefit from:

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•    If you are a parent: You will learn how to help your children grow and learn faster while enjoying the process & avoid the negative parenting that can trap a person for a lifetime
•    If you are a therapist, coach or educator:  Skills to help your clients with some of the most challenging issues in the therapy model
•    If you are a business owner or manager: You will be able to overcome the hurdles which prevent you from taking your business to the next level
•    If you are an employee: You will learn how to stay motivated, gain control over your mind in a difficult situation, and communicate with your coworkers.
•    If you are a salesperson: You will learn how to communicate effectively with your clients, and make them like and trust you


This is the program that teaches you how the mind functions, stores and retrieves information, filters and process’s data and shows you how to use your brain for a change. It’s time to make the decision and add the NLP Practitioner to your toolbox in just 7 days with Master Trainer, Harry Nichols.

What Do You Want In Life?

Financial success? Getting into great physical shape? Increased confidence? Stop bad habits? Overcome a smoking addiction? Create a wealth-attracting mindset?  Better relationships?

•    Greater self-confidence
•    Success  mindset
•    Wealth attraction
•    Greater motivation
•    Love and relationships… and attracting the right relationship
•    Lose weight and quit smoking
•    Increase Your Wealth, Health & Overall Happiness

By learning NLP and understanding the methods of top achievers you are able to:
•    Quickly and Easily Motivate Yourself and Others For Success
•    Transform Your Body to its Peak Condition
•    Influence Anyone to Follow Your Lead
•    Communicate Effectively With Clients and Colleagues
•    Become an Expert Negotiator and Get What You Want
•    Attract Vibrant Relationships With Ease
•    Naturally enhance your personal confidence
•    instantly boost your motivation

Whether it is in business, for sales, management, communication, or coaching, as well as teaching, sports, therapy, and personal growth,
motivation, ambition, and happiness

Learn to Do What the Super Achievers Do – Program Your Mind for Success

Here’s A  Breakdown of some of what you will learn:  

“The Big Picture of NLP”

You will begin by discovering…
•    The “Big Picture” of NLP and how you can use it to empower your life
•    How your unconscious mind determines the choices that you make
•    Simple keys to creating a compelling future
•    Your unconscious “filters”
•    The role your internal mindset plays with your physical health
•    How to adopt a powerful mindset about money that will lead to a life of financial abundance

“How to Set Powerful Goals”

Some of what you will learn
•    How to set irresistible goals that produce the kind of results you want
•    The simple secret that will enable you to instantly change your physical state
•    How you can coach others to create excellent behaviours by making little “tweaks” to their internal mind
•    Why eliminating negative “self-talk” is often not enough to combat success sabotage
•    The history of NLP and how you can use the tools of top achievers in your everyday life
•    Use the language of the mind to consistently get your desired outcomes
•    Setting intentions for your goals

“NLP Mindsets to Live By”

Prince George Brooklyn & Dakoda 076

Successful Corporate Teams

•    To “filter your reality” in an empowering way by adopting a set of useful assumptions
•    The most important belief you must have when coaching clients or using NLP with others
•    Use NLP to have more friends, be liked by more people and attract vibrant relationships on demand
•    How to quiet that negative voice in the back of your head that keeps you from getting what you want
•    Learn vital tips if you are working with someone who has a “learning disorder”
•    How to accomplish remarkable goals by adopting the same mindset as Thomas Edison
•    Why most relationships flounder because of poor communication
•    Why the subconscious mind is the key to becoming a master of influence
•    Simple insights that will help you to become healthier and have more energy

“How to Create Rapid Rapport”

•    The secrets of Rapid Rapport
•    Simple tip offs that will let you know if the person you are talking to is open for influential suggestions
•    The 5 “Calibration Cues” to look for when talking to someone so that you can evaluate their behaviour effectively
•    Body Language and how it helps with influence
•    How to communicate directly to someone’s subconscious without saying a word
•    Rapport Secret #1 – Being in rapport earns you the right to communicate
•    Rapport Secret #2 – Synchronizing your breathing is a powerful technique to use with individuals and large groups
•    Rapport Secret #3 – How to build rapport over the phone
•    Rapport Secret #4 – 4 signs to watch for to know for certain that you have built rapport
•    Rapport Secret #5 – How to go out of rapport with someone and why

“Representational Systems”

•    How you learn the best
•    Specific words to use with specific people to be incredibly persuasive
•    4 powerful sales scripts to use depending on the type of person you are selling to
•    “Slow Talkers” – connect with this type of person more effectively
•    “Fast Talkers” – Know what is going on inside them.
•    “Intonation Patterns” – learn the most powerful pattern for persuasive speech
•    “Eye Patterns” – Know how someone is thinking just by watching how they move their eyes
•    The one test that you need to know to make sure you are using the power of eye patterns effectively

“Creating Change with Sub modalities”

•    How to become totally motivated no matter what state you’re presently in
•    Isolate the triggers that can instantly make you or your clients motivated
•    Make problems disappear by changing the way you code them in your mind
•    Simple technique that will give you an instant boost of motivation, happiness or energy
•    “Swish Patterns” and how to use this simple process to eliminate bad habits and create momentum for a compelling future
•    “Like-to-Dislike” – A technique that is useful in changing behaviors
•    “Dissociative Technique” – A powerful change modality

 The Powerful Use of Language

•    The NLP use of language and how to communicate effectively to get what you want
•    Stop “Autopilot Communication” – learn the power behind persuasive speech
•    Control any conversation with NLP language patterns
•    “The Agreement Frame” and two common phrases you must avoid or risk alienating the person you are speaking to
•    “The Purpose Frame” – use this phrase to stop wasting time and get down to business fast and effectively
•    “The What-If Frame” – A simple structure that opens up opportunities and turns objections into sales
•    Deliver your suggestions directly to someone’s subconscious mind (and bypass resistance)
•    “The Hierarchy of Ideas” – Use this powerful technique to negotiate effectively

 Conversational Hypnosis Language Patterns

•    Conversational Hypnosis and how to use it for powerful results
•    How these language patterns are used in our world today
•    The “Deep Structure” of communication – useful questions that create effortless change
•    Learn how to utilize the “Distortions, Deletions & Generalizations” of everyday language

 “State Elicitation & Anchoring”

•    Elicit powerful states instantly using “Anchoring”
•    Collapse Anchoring,  how to eliminate negative or “stuck” states
•    The 5 keys to anchoring you must know
•    How to anchor yourself and others for maximum effectiveness
•    Chaining Anchors – “Rewire” your brain and stop procrastination
•    Circle  of Excellence –A way of gathering powerful internal states in our unconscious and making them available when we need them 

“Mastering Strategies”

•    “Strategies” – uncover the subconscious “programs” that people run subconsciously
•    The “Buying Strategy” – learn this trick that will make your products irresistible to your prospects
•     “Negative Looping” and how to prevent this common source of unwanted behaviour
•    The “T.O.T.E Model” for effective strategies

 “Rapid Reframing”

•    Make problems and objections disappear using “Reframing”
•    A tested and proven method for eliminating sales objections
•    Limiting Beliefs and how you can lead those around you to a more empowering future
•    The Context & Content Reframes – Become powerfully influential with these two NLP patterns
•    Parts and how they are the source of conflict in people’s lives

 Fast Phobia & Parts Integration

•    Parts Integration – How you can use this incredible technique to identify and eliminate conflict in your life
•    The 9 steps to follow for a successful and empowering parts integration
•    Fulfill your highest intention and purpose
•    The one question you must ask your client before starting a parts integration
•    Program your subconscious mind by using metaphors
•    The Fast Phobia Technique – learn this powerful protocol for overcoming phobia’s

 Hypnotic Induction

•    How to integrate all the information from the NLP training class exercises
•    How to create instant trance states
•    Deep Trance States, benefits
•    Understand how the mind process’s information
•    How to recall all the information you learned easily

time for change

“Time for change” Dr. Richard Bandler

The NLP as a Model of Therapy

•    How NLP can help others
•    Integrating this powerful information and how to use it in your everyday life
•    How to use NLP in work with clients
•    To create success in your life
•    The easiest method for mastering these NLP techniques
•    How to feel confident and knowledgeable about using your new NLP skills


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