NLP Practitioner Licensed Certification Training (Tuesdays)


TUESDAYS in 2020 is the Time for Change….. NLP has been described as the new science of personal achievement… it is far more than that. It is a highly effective methodology based on the belief that all behaviour has a structure, and that structure can be modelled, learned and changed.

As you study NLP you will learn about your own patterns and programmes, how you can change them and have more flexibility in your life.

(*) Are you a business owner, manager, salesperson, coach, psychologist, doctor, parent, teacher, student or somebody that works with others?
(*) Are you interest in finding ways to improve your communication with yourself and other people?
(*) Want to learn how to get the most from others in business, therapy or in your personal life?
(*) Want to learn how to get rid of your own, limiting beliefs and other things holding you back?
(*) Want to increase your confidence?
(*) Want to create success in various areas of your life?
(*) Want to learn how to learn and retain information better?




JOIN US FOR THE 8 DAY (Tuesdays)

Here is only a glimpse at what NLP can help you with as it is probably the number one personal development training that every person can benefit from:



(*) Master your emotions and run your own brain

(*) Create motivation and confidence

(*) Change unwanted behaviours in yourself and others

(*) Become more powerful in your communication and your approach to life

(*) Remove obstacles to learning in all areas of your life

(*) Use language with greater precision to achieve your goals

(*) Discover your true potential and become the person you truly want to be

(*) Change your life with the power of a positive perspective

(*) Become a more effective communicator

(*) Become more self-competent

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