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Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of the effective behaviours and thinking styles of successful people and the best part, is how we can replicate those behaviours for ourselves. With NLP you learn how you can incorporate these success strategies in all that you do.

Whatever your area of expertise, be it in business, education, sales, therapy, sports or personal development. Whether it be in your career or your personal life. You will learn the techniques, the methodology and the nature of  successful communication patterns and how to utilize them for personal growth and professional development.

Decide today to make a life-changing decision and awaken your true potential!

Thought Models is a authorized and recognized  training centre for the ‘Society of NLP’, certified by Dr. Richard Bandler

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Harry Nichols is a globally recognized Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming

Harry has over 30 years of NLP experience and over 20 years of teaching at the Master Practitioner level, he has received the highest designation for a trainer, from Dr Richard Bandler, as A Master Trainer of NLP with the Society of NLP.

We are proud to say we offer one of the best “trainers to student” ratios – small classroom sizes ensures that each student experiences learning NLP closely with a Master Trainer.

All the NLP certification programs through Thought Models are in alignment with the requirements of the Society of NLP.  

Upcoming – NLP Practitioner Certifications:

8 days (4) Weekends: Burnaby, BC


When you attend training with Thought Models, you don’t just learn, you evolve…
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Who is NLP for?

If you’re a coach, a therapist, counsellor, mentor, salesperson, teacher, parent, business professional or all around communicator – there is no better skill to possess. It’s like getting the manual for how to run your brain and in doing so, learning how all humans process information.


Society of NLP

The NLP Practitioner Training is an 8-day training program, scheduled over 4 weekends. We ask that delegates arrive on the first day slightly earlier to help with registration and allocation of course materials.


What you will learn:

During this course, delegates are taught the NLP Society Sylabus and are then shown how to combine these elements to enable them to apply them with skill and elegance.  The course culminates in real-life applications of NLP Skills in helping others to overcome fears and phobias, and learning greater confidence.

At the end of this course, you will know how to work with and utilize the following elements of NLP, which will enable you to get the best from people in HR, managerial, therapeutic and business contexts.

Become a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming now. 
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