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Why study NLP with Harry Nichols?

“As a globally recognized Master Trainer of Neuro-Linguistic Programming through the Society of NLP…

I’ve had the great privilege of studying directly with Dr Richard Bandler, the co-founder of NLP, for over a decade, I attended many training programs with him around the world. Receiving a Master Trainer designation from Dr Bandler, directly, in  NLP.

In my training programs, I’m your trainer. I meet with you and review your interests in NLP. My focus is on making you the best communicator you can be with yourself and others. I want to ensure you know the basic technology of NLP as well as build solid strategies, that help you in your personal and professional life, helping you get what you want from the training.

My passion as a communicator and leader in NLP today, makes these powerful tools and technologies yours. I ensure this through smaller classroom sizes with optimal attention and focus on you and your results!”


Upcoming Training – NLP Practitioner Certification:

CODE NLP2018 when booking before September 21, and receive a $150.00 special bonus discount! 

NLP Practitioner Dates: November/December  
8 days (4) Weekends: Vancouver, BC

Saturday and Sunday, November 3 & 4
Saturday and Sunday, November 10 & 11
Saturday and Sunday, November 24 & 25
Saturday and Sunday, December 1 & 2

When you attend a training with Thought Models, you don’t just learn, you evolve…

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Who is NLP for?

If you’re a coach, a therapist, counsellor, mentor, salesperson, teacher, parent, or all around communicator – there is no better skill to possess. It’s like getting the manual for how to run your brain, and in doing so, learning how all humans process information.

Through the training you get to experience how to make changes in your life, this builds a tremendous confidence in helping others.

If you are a teacher, I know better communications skills will improve the results for your students. If you are a business owner communicating better with your staff, will improve your results. As a Human Resources Manager, I know you have studied programs and theories, and with me, you now learn the skills of great communicators. As a medical provider, communicating with your patients in ways that will convey clearly the details you want them to follow. As parents, it’s a skill you will use for your kids now and through the rest of your life with them.

Whether you want to learn more self-control, master fears, greater motivation, better communication skills, enhanced ability to build relationships, influence others – or help others do the same, this training course will give you the skills you need to fulfil your goals.

NLP Practitioner Syllabus

Society of NLP

The NLP Practitioner Training is an 8-day training program, we space over weekends. We ask that delegates arrive on the first day slightly earlier to help with registration and allocation of course materials. Times: 8:30 am to 6 pm daily.

What you will learn:

During this course, delegates are taught the following elements of NLP, and are then shown how to combine these elements to enable them to apply them with skill and elegance.  The course culminates in real-life applications of NLP Skills in helping others to overcome fears and phobias, and learning greater confidence.

At the end of this course, you will know how to work with and utilize the following elements of NLP, which will enable you to get the best from people in HR, managerial, therapeutic and business contexts.

The Programme:

The NLP presuppositions: Useful beliefs for the NLP Practitioner

Well formed outcomes:  A method to identify and pursue well-formed and congruent outcomes

Rapport: How to bond with anyone in minutes

Sensory acuity: How to read others by observing minute sensory shifts

Metaphor: Use metaphor and deliver powerful messages to the unconscious mind.

Representation systems: How people build their internal maps

Eye patterns: How to read the representations people are accessing moment to moment

Time for Change

Submodalities: Finer distinctions, which create meaning from our internal maps

Swish Patterns: Change habits and states and create new directions

Sub-modality belief changes: Use sub-modalities to change limiting beliefs

Strategies: Internal processes that drive complex behaviours. How different people make decisions, get motivated and perform any behaviour.

Modelling strategies: Install new powerful strategies for any new behaviour an individual or organization wants to adopt

Tote model: Test, Operate, Test, Exit, a model of efficiency in testing outcomes

Anchoring: How we are programmed by external and internal stimuli

Linguistic presuppositions: Learn to influence using elegant language structures. Be able to read people’s internal maps based on the presuppositions in their language

Milton Model: Maintain rapport and elegantly influence by using hypnotic language patterns

Meta Model: Get to the heart of distortions, generalizations, and deletions in language

Agreement frame: Maintain agreement even when you have the opposing perspective

Reframing: elegantly create new meanings for problems and objections

Six step reframe: Use unconscious signals for healing and creating new choices

Working with Phobias  – A powerful way to shift old patterns that simply no longer serve.

Harry offers to follow up private sessions with students to review the material a few weeks later,  to ensure they have mastered the basics.

Become a Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming now. 

NLP has been described as the technology of the mind, or the science of achievement, and or the study of success. It is so much more, even sometimes called the “new” science of achievement, well it’s been around for over 40 years and continues to evolve as we move into the rapidly changing landscape of life in these times.

Neuro-Linguistic Programming is the study of success and how to utilize effective behaviours and thinking styles of successful people in all walks of life, business, education, sales, therapy, sport, and personal development. You will learn the nature of unconscious communication patterns and how to utilize them for personal growth and professional development.

Decide today to make a life-changing decision

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