Neuro Change Method Training & Certification


Since 2020 a Team of Neuroscientists working with Life In Balance have been gathering the evidence based science that underscores the potential for human change and putting it altogether for us in this incredible program!

Introducing The Neuro Change Method™

The Neuro Change Method utilizes the very latest in evidence based neuroscience in:  Psychological, Epigenetic, Environmental, and Sociological considerations which are essential when approaching reliable change. Through intensive collaboration and government funding they have created this program in an easy to  consume Method. The Academic Director holds a Ph.D. in Neuroscience and was a former Senior Research Scientist at Harvard Medical School. Contributors to the Neuro Change Method content are all Ph.D. level experts from the field of Neuroscience and Social Psychology. Introducing : Purpose, Flow State, Consciousness, and the Neuroscience of change.

Their investigations examine the interplay between the Conscious and Subconscious Mind and how the conscious mind can instruct the subconscious mind to do the heavy lifting in creating not just change, but change that allows the brain to grow and develop throughout one’s lifetime. We’re at the start of something really big!

To begin with, we would like to introduce you to real purpose and developing the inner flow state. Investigations of “optimal experience” have revealed that what makes an experience genuinely satisfying is a state of consciousness called ‘flow’ and a total involvement with life.

The Mind Sciences have led us to the Neuro Change Method™, which Practitioners can use to help their clients adapt, recover, and emerge along a process that releases the endless loops of struggle and conflict.  People in public life, sports, and businesses crave evidence-based training that leads to the highest empowerment, thinking, and performance levels.

The Neuro Change Method™ takes us deep into the Neuroscience of Change. It provides an understanding of the conscious mind’s power to influence the subconscious mind’s mechanisms to go to work for us in everyday life. A structured mix of compelling science shows us how the outside world influences our highly amenable minds and how to free ourselves from sleepwalking through life. The Neuro Change Method is a mind-bending method straight from the labs of experts in neuroscience that will forever change the way we think presented in a way that both engages awareness and masterfully integrates the conscious and subconscious

This vivid expose of the tools for change and related phenomena reveals the six time frames that influence our minds—the past, present, and future and intriguingly, the hidden past, the hidden present, and the hidden future.

The Neuro Change Method™ is a journey into our minds and offers us the most recent science in ‘Mind Theory,’ which helps us deeply empathize with others by understanding what is going on in their minds. The Neuro Change Method presents wide-ranging benefits for general wellbeing in life, sports, business, relationships, money, study, emotional health, and addictions.

Now is the time to be part of the newest development in the Personal Development Field that will change the way people approach Mind Sciences and life achievement.

BOOKING NOW: with Master Trainers : Harry Nichols & Kathy Welter
Take your skills to new levels & add this certification 
DATES:  October 26 – December 1, 2021  ( 6 weeks, time 2 hours 2 times a week) 
Add the Neuro Change Method Certified Practitioner to your current designations, or you might choose to go even further with the Neuro Change Institute and become a Master Practitioner, or Mentor. The options are unlimited….and there is more coming every day!
We’re so excited to be part of the evolution in the field of personal and professional change work, which now includes evidence based neuroscience!
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