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Level Up Your Communication Skills          

“This is the program that brings it all together and significantly deepens your skills in NLP to levels of utilization that allow you to master your brain in new ways that you only ever dreamed were possible. Join us in 2020, and make this transition into Excellence.  Small classroom sizes so you are assured of quality training and expertise.”

NLP Master Practitioner training takes your
NLP Skills to a whole new level…

Students who come back to learn at the Master Practitioner level with us know how inspiring, joyful, innovative, inspirational and powerful our training is. What motivates them is how much more there is to learn.

NLP Master Practitioner training peels open the skills you learned in Practitioner training, showing you the deeper essence in the material, enhancing the program to elegant levels of strategy and communications.



You learn the greater subtleties of reading and using body language, deeper levels of linguistic techniques, powerful skills to identify strategies and the essential techniques of mastering influence using hypnosis.

As a Prerequisite you must be a Licensed NLP Practitioner  with the Society of NLP to take this course  – providing evidence with a copy of your license on registration. The Master Practitioner training requires you to already be able to practise the skills, attitudes and suppositions taught to you in NLP Practitioner Training.

** Retake your NLP Practitioner as an Audit and tune up your skills before the Master Practitioner. Empower your training with up to date skills. 

What you will learn:

    • Students demonstrate they are competent at the skills and attitudes central to NLP
    • The Master Practitioner is designed to build on that knowledge
    • Participants build on skills acquired and really “master” those skills
    • New tools and techniques are demonstrated and practised
    • Learn how to create new applications of NLP
    • The Master Practitioner training requires that delegates have a good working knowledge of NLP

NLP Master Practitioner advances your skills with a focus on practical application in any kind of personal & professional success, change and motivational work. After training with us you will receive licensing as a Master Practitioner of NLP.

In this The Master Practitioner training you benefit from one on one instruction with Master Trainer, Harry Nichols; smaller classroom sizes to ensure quality time with the trainer.

Just Some of What Students Learn:

Review of Behavioural competency in all Practitioner level skills, and the ability to demonstrate the utilization of several of these skills simultaneously

The ability to design behavioural flexibility and attitudes that produce specific results with self and others

The ability to identify and utilize the Master Practitioner skills, techniques, and patterns linguistically, as follows:

Changing Beliefs – the ability to combine skills to alter the way that clients/colleagues perceive challenges, to remove negative conceptions and to enable clients/colleagues to adopt beliefs that will enable them to reach their desired outcomes.

Eliciting & Utilizing Meta-Programs – identifying and understanding the unconscious predilections of clients.

Identification of and Utilization of Criteria – the ability to identify how a person prioritizes their interactions with the world.

Adjusting Criteria– how to help a person find a better means of prioritization.

Sleight of Mouth Patterns – the ability to embed commands, reframe perceptions and make changes in consciousness conversationally.

Deliberate multi-level communication – how to deliver messages consciously and unconsciously, simultaneously.

Stacking Realities – building metaphors within metaphors to make a message stronger.

Timeline Patterns– using perceptions of time to bring about change.

Negotiating – utilizing ethical negotiation skills that will enable all parties to arrive at an ecologically sound solution

Propulsion Systems– how to build directions into people’s thoughts and behaviours.

Installing Strategies – teaching people to think in new ways to arrive at specific outcomes, either by using hypnosis or otherwise.

Threshold Pattern– how to break unwanted patterns of behaviour

Breaking Generalizations & Building New Ones– undermining unhelpful generalized statements about the world, and replacing them with more useful ones.

Rapid Inductions, Deep Trance Phenomena – the skills of hypnotic trance induction, and creating deep trance phenomena, such as positive hallucination, negative hallucination, amnesia, anaesthesia, arm levitation, etc.

Deep Trance Identification – unconsciously absorbing new skills and insights through identifying with a model in the trance

Demonstrated ability to perform change work with self and others – how to combine these many skills to demonstrate mastery of them.

Applying NLP takes one to a whole new level of understanding! 

    • Marketing and influencing others with your writing
    • Master effective communications and leadership skills
    • Mentoring and coaching others in your business and professional world
    • Easily navigate presentations
    • Stress, tension and anxiety melt away with the tools you learn
    • Effectively influencing others with positive support
    • Help others overcome limitations and beliefs that no longer serve them
    • Uncover the hidden gifts every human being brings to this world with them
    • Parenting and Teaching – the Master Practitioner will elevate your influence with youth and children
    • Applied to your relationships and partnerships – and watch changes effortlessly take place


To REGISTER  – Contact us here for more information, pricing and payment options 

All classes currently delivered via ZOOM Classroom, so you can attend from anywhere in the world and receive this high calibre training with Master Trainer Harry Nichols & Licensed Trainer, Kathy Welter

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