Light Leadership – Remote Viewing – Deep Alpha – Deep Theta

One can tune into any YouTube, News Media, facebook pages, twitter accounts all of it, the intensity of focus on the conscious states – linear thinking process has just about reached its apex.

Where do we go from here? Deep within. 

The measurable benefits of meditation and the deep theta and deep delta levels are being systematically engaged by groups following Dr. Joe Dispenza’s work with measurable results

Within our work, we have witnessed the benefits in so many individuals countless times. The deep psyche is where the gold is and always has been!

There are “Light Shows” that activate the inner deep consciousness and trigger the brain stimulus to activate through the sequences of Sacred Geometry. For one who has meditated for years, the brain moves at a pace that we can actually observe these trigger points and the internal release of these sacred forms within the brain. Like beautiful internal “Crop Circles” the brain goes deeper and deeper into the trance, while the light stimulates the release of these formations triggering chemical releases and activating cells at every level.

Over the past four years of experimenting with a group of Newbie Meditators – who having retired from demanding careers in science, psychology, medical, and legal fields where the left linear mind is critical to achievements – this group was really challenged. “Let’s analyze it all first, then talk it through, then review, read and do some research too” The members, about 25 in total, had agreed to meet as a drop in just over 4 years now. Interesting things began to happen.

First, a decided resistance with a constant focus on getting it right, exactly when, how, how much, breathing, not breathing, what if it’s not working, what if my mind is too busy, I can’t stop thinking… and on it went.

This took some time and persistence and a belief change in this process. It’s not about perfect, it’s about a practice, that had to be accepted as part of the gifts they would eventually receive. Really asking for trust and in a way putting the cart before the horse. You have to trust and do to gain the awareness and benefits which only come after you practice.

Today – millions in the west are having these experiences primarily through an NLP and/or Hypnosis session, they experience this incredible relaxation and internal release that allows the feel-good cocktail within to release and flood the brain chemistry that is clearly measurable as Dr. Joe has done.

So now what – where do we go with this?

Recently at a family gathering, two attendees that had not previously dabbled in meditation or anything like it, (both highly educated, one a specialist in the medical field the other a professor at a university) both asked me about this thing called “Remote Viewing”

Suddenly the whole field is exploding with an interest in a methodology that was in the field during the last two world wars and is regularly available in the marketplace today.

We laughed and shared, this is so much easier than you THINK, and it’s a doing, not a conversational experience at all. In fact, the conversational exchange engages the left brain and you completely miss the point.

This is experiential, and it’s doing so through a process of engaging the deeper states of consciousness, which are regularly absent in today’s media mindset.

How do we get here?

When first starting you need someone you trust, this is, after all, your brain. Even though you have been lending it out all your life to other random authorities that have been installing a great deal of the FAKE stuff, we still think/believe/trust that those early models had our best interest at heart. Today we are all discovering almost everything we had those beliefs set on were actually serving themselves and their own self-interests.

Breaking free of this might mean developing a new and consistent connection with the aforementioned deep consciousness that has been systematically discounted as having any kind of wisdom or accessible or dependable contributions. It seems, after all, to falter regularly in its retrieval process!

However, today, many realize this is simply not true, it’s false marketing to disbelieve the deep self is interested in sabotaging us in any way. It is in fact, it is keenly interested in protecting and defending, offering up the greatest of inner wisdom when one simply disengages the internal noise and blabbering of the left thinking brain. The left thinking brain stores all the discussion points, the back and forth the ins and outs and is quite willing to offer up it’s keenest arguments to any side of any conversation, backed with documentation, research and generalized random reference points. ie: “well my doctor says…”

After all, all that material was “installed” over the course of one’s lifetime and at best faulty in its retrieval system

Light Leadership Movement:

Over the course of 16 years, Kathy Welter & myself have been working with these deep trance states, identifying the process to which one achieves them, while systematically creating a powerful new connection to the deep self.

Kathy started with Meditation & Relaxation Circles in medical facilities in Vancouver, however, her early years had her training with a Monk in Toronto which really activated her deep awareness to the vast benefits of the mind’s ability to assist us when in moments of powerful personal change. She has a long history in meditation practice and the powerful access gateways that get unlocked during meditation and deep trance work.

For myself, studying with Dr. Richard Bandler and becoming his apprentice gave me the opportunity to meet people like Robert Anton Wilson and many like him that were advanced in understanding the brain was far more powerful than we had ever been given permission to believe and in fact, where many times discouraged in following the deeper process in favour of the limited thinking of, say our parents or teachers.

Today we find ourselves on the precipice of new knowledge and new experience 

Time for a Change

Some suggest this must be a return to the Heart Frequency – the Heart is the healer, the heart has a mind of its own, the Heart needs to be in control. That’s still the left brain talking.

This whole process screams EXPERIENCE – how do I get there and consistently and how do I get through those revolving doors to help myself let go of what this is going to look like, or feel like or even offer me a reason for doing it.

Some claim superior intelligence will be the outcome

Some claim greater intuition

Some key into superior self-healing

The ability to redirect the cells into wellness

The access to optimal healing strategies

Some claim longer lives – health and wellness

Others claim superior business strategies

Greater intuition

The greater power of decerning what is the truth from what is fake

The list is endless with many motivated today to try and make this work for them

After four years of meditating on a rather consistent basis of just once a week, many of the group have seen many changes.

Sleep is improved

Relaxed and less anxiety

Less interest in the negative news

Fewer charges within the family relationships

Letting go is easier

Releasing the tensions of the day

Giving in to what they need rather than what they should do

The list goes on as the group grows and the dedication continues


These have begun to take on a whole new vibration as we crest this uncertainty in our world – especially when we learn people that have not taken up meditation or anything like it are hitting these massive activations that are turning on the brain -lighting it up and allowing access to information like they have never experienced before.

And without hallucinogenics

The brain actually has it’s own pharmacy if we just know how to access it – and we do.

These workshops have really evolved out of the Mastery of Deep Trances States workshops we were doing in 2009 based primarily on the guidance from our own deep experiences we hosted these workshops around the world.

And people changed – today we know this is an access gateway to the deeper self and from there to the “unified field” around all of us. In that field – all exist. We’ve “seen it” and experienced it as have our attendees.

It’s life-changing.

The workshops flow like this:

over 2 days we do 9 deep trance experiences building on each one

we use high-frequency foods optimizing the brain with nutrition

we recommend people attending refrain from alcohol and other addictive substances during the workshop

as well, we recommend they plan for  low profile evenings to support themselves during the experience

There is lots of journaling and sharing

And then what happens?

Well before we know it, we are sharing files and sharing the experiences during deep theta

That continues to amaze us as previously the findings around Mirror Neurons suggested that mothers and infants ultimately shared this file transfer protocol

Now we have begun to engage the difference – the reality of the shared deep trance experience.

We are heading into a year of Light Leadership Workshops creating a Movement where many can access the states and take the material back to groups they want to conduct too

How did we not know the deep interior world was going to be the “final frontier”?  It’s exciting


There is indeed a new movement underway we are just at the forefront of what this is going to bring us all.

NLP & Hypnotherapy 

These two powerful tools have really given us the keys to access the deeper consciousness and the powerful skills we share with attendees these days.

Both we teach – and now, we have also added the programs of Light Leadership.

Contact us today and book your space – learn these powerful techniques and continue to make a difference in your life and many others.


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