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Team Leaders

Within your organization you already have the talent you can bring forward, invest in and develop. Like any great business model, growing your people from within repays your investment unilaterally – across the company, the waves are felt. If your hiring practices are exceptional, then your HR people are scouting not just for the job fill – they are looking for people to invest in both inside the company and out

Our company focuses on Leadership & Communications Skills

 We can help you design specialized programs for your team that can take your company to the next level, contact us today.

These modules are designed to provide skills that help staff grow, become more self-confident, and contribute in a meaningful way, all while increasing their own personal Communication & Leadership skills.

Investing in your employees is one of the best ways to increase staff loyalty while infusing the company with a new team spirit and ultimately improving the bottom line. You will find this kind of investment pays off in reducing absenteeism, improving staff communications and increasing the communications between your company and suppliers. Overall a uniform approach to in-house training delivers the same message to all staff which ultimately increases the bottom line for the company.

Creating a network of collaboration we work extensively with owners to develop the valued criteria of what would best increase your investment in staff. The program is three days, 8 hours a day for a total of 24 hours. Each of the modules has been created in a way that allows the three days to be broken down over several days, or even weeks for maximum integration, and less interruption to daily routines. Further, we structure these modules in a way that they can easily be incorporated into months when the company’s workflow is least demanding. In other words, we fit these modules into your schedules.

Modules: Offering a new group synergy

Leadership & Communications

Managers as Leaders – investing in the team that is guiding the company forward

Emotional Intelligence – for all staff creates improved awareness of oneself

Sales – Developing Criteria

Employees – Customer Service  – the backbone of the company is often in the first people that meet your customers

Human Resources – advanced leadership practices – skills and leadership training

Owners – Mentoring and Executive Coaching for optimum implementation

All Training provides: Manuals, Handouts in Lectures, and Certificates for both Education & Technical Skills 

Most companies today can find government assistance through their province towards training for their staff. This provides a great opportunity to invest in your people and receive the funds to do it! 

Contact us for more information and let us help you design a unique program for your company.

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