Managers as Leaders

A key part of a leader’s role is to produce and passionately articulate the vision for their team or organization. Managers need help too, and once they have a clear vision and understanding of how to work with and motivate their teams, productivity and cooperation are the natural outcomes. Contact us for more details 604-421-1722

Module 1: Managers as Leaders

What is leadership?
Managers as Leaders
Goal Setting
Change Review
Develop Influence
Encourage Lateral Thinking
Leader Effectiveness
Leadership: Influencing

Module 2:

Your Leadership Approach:
Preferred Style
What is your style?
Review leadership Development
Supporting Development
Managing Teams
Managing Empowered individuals
Managing Improvements
Leading or Manager
How do you direct your team?
Identify levels of delegation
How compatible is your leadership style?

Module 3:

Decision Making Tools
Benchmark Your Leadership style
Access your level of empowerment
Access your delegation skills
Analyze your competencies

Module 4:

Analyzing Values – what’s important to you?
Examine & remove blocks to Team Building
Cause & Effect
Crisis Situation
Conflict resolution
Good Leadership
Handling Complaints

Module 5:

Team Building
How you deal with colleagues
Problem Solving
Redesign Work
Review Management
Share Experiential
Using Critical Incident Analysis

Module 6:

Managing Communication Channels
Analyze your meetings
Decide on the Medium
Using email effectively
Body Language(rapport skills)
How  do you deal with Colleagues?
How do I deal with conflict?
Positive Feedback
How effective are you as a team leader
Effectiveness of Teams
Team Values
Team Work Review
Coping with feelings

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