Fear of Flying

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If you have ever experienced a panic attack over the fear of flying, then you know that the feelings that race through your body can be very intense. Slightly different symptoms affect each person but the fear of flying is quite common for many to not only feel petrified with fear, but to also think they are experiencing a heart attack or some other serious physical problem when really these feelings don’t generally cause the body any permanent damage. However, fear of flying is one of those issues that can really stop you from enjoying your life fully. The fear of flying can cause you to avoid even thinking about taking a flight anywhere, which really alters and limits your life in so many ways.

A pattern to the feelings of fear of flying

A good way to explain the fear of flying is to say that during the anxiety or fearful feelings, your thoughts are anxious, even fearful. When your body reacts to fear of flying and anxiety, the mind mistakenly goes into accelerated adrenal response. So you become even more anxious about the fear of flying, and the body panics even more. This fear of flying pattern accelerates, as one behaviour always leads to another. You can leave this behind permanently with re-patterning the responses from anxious and fearful, to calm and relaxed, and we help you do this using NLP & Hypnosis.

How these experiences get started
We believe that fear of flying actually starts when we experience something startling us on a flight somewhere; however, often these panic alerts develop somewhere a long time ago. The feeling of fear of flying now becomes associated and generates the same pattern every time. Where there is a sense of being out of control and fear of flying often has you in the passenger seat with no controls. You may have experienced this feeling, a fear while flying one time, and then you continue to experience the same feelings every time you fly and even when you think about flying. You may have that fear of flying suddenly come up when someone else is driving the car, or on a snowy road. And sometimes, the fear of flying can occur without much warning at all. Sometimes it takes a few experiences like this to really identify this fear of flying is controlling your life.

Reasons for fear of flying
Some people experience it only once and never again. And, some people seem to have fear of flying return over and over again, and the memory of their last fear of flying episode remains constantly in the back of their mind until it actually causes another attack! The fear of flying can be very limiting and cause you problems with your job, your partner in life, even your children. They just don’t understand how much that fear of flying causes you to panic. The more people encourage you to just try it, the more anxiety and fear of flying seems to intensify.

What can I do to help me with my fear of flying?
Many people head to a doctor when they have a fear of flying experience, only to find that their heart is in good shape and everything is normal! Of course it is, you aren’t in a plane and the doctor tells you – you are just fine! Usually, the doctor will check you out thoroughly. If no medical problems are detected, you’ll be told that you more than likely had a panic attack. Help for fear of flying can easily be found using NLP & Hypnosis.

How long will it take to do away with panic attacks?
The length of time it will take varies according to the individual and their many experiences with Fear of Flying, however, generally we can treat this is just 3-4 one hour long sessions. We also provide MP3’s for you to listen to before, during and after the flight, to ensure these feelings are permanently in your past. You will hear yourself saying to others “I used to be terrified to fly, my fear of flying was so intense, but now it’s just gone.”

Can NLP and hypnosis really help me?

Both NLP & Hypnosis easily has helped many to free themselves from the embarrassment and fear of flying panic & anxiety attacks. They work in tandem with each other, and address the issues at the surface conscious levels and your deep unconscious mind. You may not even be aware of that fear of flying and confusion of your panic attacks, then using NLP & Hypnosis we teach you how to change them. The Fear of Flying need no longer limit your life. It’s really easier than you think.
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