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Your employees are the life blood of the company, they often know more about the day to day activities than even you do; they either convey the message you want to new and seasoned customers and producers, or they fill in the blanks with their own life experiences. Do you know what your CSR’s are skillfully presenting? Contact us for useful training modules to help you people grow. 604-421-1722

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Your Customer Service Program is the Life Blood of your Company

Customized training available in flexible formats
Module 1

Handling Internal Customers
Practice Listening Skills
What’s different about good service?
Three tips of Customer Service Excellence

How effective is your communication?
How do you deal with colleagues?
How do you handle conflict?
Identify your listening style
Test your Verbal Communication Skills
What are your non-verbal communication styles?
Ego States
First Impressions and Assumptions
What is Self talk
Dealing with Questions, Rejections and Complaints

Module 2:

Telephone Skills
The Importance of good telephone skills
Telephone practice
Using a telephone
What I meant was
What kind of questions do you ask

Module 3:

Time Management
Use of Email
Use of cell phones & text at work
Schedule time – meeting planner
Recognize blocks to communications
Effective use of systems
Maximizing available systems

Certificate issued for both education and technical skills

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