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Harry Nichols and Kathy Welter

Each with over 35 years in the business of coaching, 

Training, Certification, both creating and leading in the field of personal & professional change work

Now, advancing into evidence-based neuroscience, they add a whole new level of a deeper study into the human potential. 








Master Trainer of NLP; 
Master Hypnotist, NeuroHypnotic Repatterning(NHR), Conversational Hypnosis, Design Human Engineer, (DHE)

Harry Nichols, is the Voice on the Audio Recording” Adventures of Anybody”,

The definitive work in ambiguity by Dr Richard Bandler.  Using tone, inflexion, tempo and creative intonation, Harry has given students of NLP, the world over, a study in language patterns they can utilize over and over.


Training with Harry Nichols is the opportunity to observe this level of NLP Mastery, hence his recognition by Dr Bandler and designation as Master Trainer,

Dr Richard Bandler… “Harry is probably one of the best trance subjects I’ve ever worked with”

After his first introduction to NLP and DHE with Dr Bandler Harry was offered the opportunity of becoming an apprentice to Dr Bandler placing him in the personal company of some of the greats in this revolutionary field of NLP; Robert Anton Wilson, John Grinder, Paul McKenna, Michael Breene,  along with some of the worlds leading NLP Training Companies. 


Kathy Welter-Nichols, Licensed Trainer, NLP, DHE,
Registered CHt., HBCE, Best Selling Author

Kathy has been working with hypnosis, guided visualization and meditation with clients and groups for over 30 years She is a Registered Clinical Hypnotherapist, a Certified HypnoBirthing Educator, Certified HypnoFertility, NLP Licensed Trainer,  and DHE™Specialist.

An expert in the field of recovery from Bulimia, she is the pioneer of the Bulimia Breakthrough Method, a method she has been working with for over 20 years, assisting people in recovery from this debilitating addictive disorder.  She is the winner of the 1999 Volunteer of the Year Award for her years of service to those facing a life-threatening illness; working with hospice and at the BC Cancer Agency, both training and facilitating Relaxation Groups for those individuals and their families.

Her collection of recent Self Help CD‘ is now on the NLP CHANNEL YouTube to assist during these challenging times. 

She is the author of  “Chasing Hunger, the 90-day Bulimia Breakthrough Challenge”; “Meditation for Beginners”, and “Mindful for Beginners”

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Our signature high performance programs include:  Mastery of Deep Trance States™,  Bulimia Breakthrough Method™, Shaman Inside™,  

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