Communication Skills

Communication is just a matter of knowing and understanding both yourself and others, we can help you resolve old conflicts and create new positive empowering tools to help you both personally and professionally. 

It’s time to really enhance your communication skills, this customized workshop is designed to fast track your influence skills. Learn the strategies that will help you find out how others communicate and how building lasting relationships is fundamental to your continued success.

Gain the confidence to utilize powerful skills and genuinely enjoy interacting with others, with the ability to apply this to all areas of your life. Be it with your business associates, customers, clients and prospects. You will have the ability to be effective in more complex situations. People will start to see you as a partner helping to solve their problems, rather than someone who is trying to push their opinions over on them.

Some of what this program covers:

Setting Expectations – Intention

Setting Expectation ‐ Clarifying and Defining

The Language of Rapport

Reading the Map of the Eyes with Accuracy

Learn  Listening Skills

Eliciting Criteria; Learning the Map of Modelling others

Integrity when working with criteria

Positive and negative phrasing for Criteria

Criteria Elicitation

Beginning Criteria

What to do with criteria once you have it

Simple Strategy Elicitation

Strategy Playback

“We cannot not communicate”; Communication is multi-faceted, incorporating spoken/verbal, non-verbal, written and visualizing /visualizations. The desired outcome or goal of any communication process is understanding. In these workshops we focus primarily on interpersonal and influence communication skills.


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