High Performance Coaching

“Working with Harry is one of the best additions you can make in your professional life. Its so powerful it will shift and change the quality of all your relationships and the one that is most important to you, the one with yourself; this shifts everything.”

High-performance coaching starts with knowing what you want in any area of your life. Coaching is a must  for the business leader today. Your professional & personal performance asks you for maximum delivery every day.  Working with  High-Performance Coach Harry Nichols, who is a master Change Facilitator is the “difference that makes the difference”.

  • review goals, opportunities, possibilities and 
  • set targets, review objections, fine tune 
  • set measurable outcomes
  • set applicable time lines 
  • meet those objectives 
  • secure changes
  • practice and then apply skills
  • use strategies and apply the skills of NLP
  • schedule session times on mutual calendar availability

Wouldn’t it be easy if the results were attainable effortlessly? With Harry on side with you, you will know, see, feel, hear and translate your world in entirely new ways. Your work requires that personal and professional worlds do not collide, and remain complimentary. Running full tilt while maintaining all systems is a key component to achieving the high performance outcomes you want.

High Performance Coaching solutions for the advanced professional

Coaching in all areas, from high performance, executive coaching, business and personal coaching – experience this powerful approach to achieve the key shifts and changes you need now.

One on One we create the necessary format for facilitating lasting change and ensure the confidentiality and professional support is there when you need it. Whether you wish to reverse simple un-useful habits or need help to stop addiction to substances or enhance thinking, adding a professional coach with the calibre, skills and training that Harry has, will change your life.

High Performance Coaching

Thought Model Coaching is the Dynamic Coaching Solution you have been looking for. We are the difference that will make the difference in your life. Utilizing a huge array of professional cutting edge coaching skills, we will help you get the results you are looking for. Whether your an executive trying to improve your profit margins, the CEO of your company, the CFO of a major financial institute, an athlete or sports team, or team coach looking move into the elite category in your discipline. All require successful outcomes – nothing less is acceptable.

Deep Six STRESS…

There are a vast number of tools to help you reduce stress, easily and effortlessly; One of the first things we will do is work with the deep levels of the self, bringing a daily process of Mindful/Meditation and Relaxation practices into your world.

Time for a Change

Mindful Practices  – Scientific evidence is now cataloging the benefits, so much so that neuroscientists and neurologists are now prescribing these practices for improving brain function. This enhances the whole of your neurology and physiology. As a student and teacher of Empowerment Meditation/Mindful practices for over 30 years, I know the changes this simple yet complex process has made in my life and I show you how

Remove Sleep Blocks, Increase Memory, Resolve conflicts easily and without emotional charges, Change patterns of thought easily, Manage and control your state, Medically: shift blood pressure rates, adjust heart rates and respiratory rates, improve metabolic function – to name a few benefits.

What it does to your strategic planning will make this your number one game changer for all your personal and professional strategies. 

The Thought Model High Performance Dynamic excels in empowering individuals (and groups) to envision excellence and perfect action plans that will elevate them, quickly towards levels of achievement that is in line with their goals whether personal or professional.

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