Power States: Circle of Excellence

1 day Workshop Series

Date: Sunday April 29
Times:10:00am to 4:00pm
Venue: Munay Space
1079b Roosevelt Crescent (2nd floor)
North Vancouver, BC V7P 1M4
Cost: $97

Power States: Circle of Excellence

The Circle of Excellence is one of the most effective NLP techniques for accessing powerful states of consciousness. You will learn the process of how to ‘Anchor’ resource states and activate moments of excellence.

This particular technique is used to improve our performance, whether that be in all areas, sports or even personal relationships. Excellence doesn’t necessarily mean some powerful pumped up state of enthusiasm.

The same goes for ‘Power’. They can solid, centred states of stability for instance. The Circle of Excellence is also a way to gain control over our emotional states. Our states of course influence our behaviour and therefore the results we get in life.

It is a method that you can use to summon up your confidence in many un-resourceful situations giving you the ability to summon up the confidence in the moment or performing a skill.


Enhanced Sensory Awareness accessible instantly
Reduced personal stress
Improved decision making
Increased productivity
Connecting better to family & friends
More value, balance & happiness every day

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