NLP Is coming to Victoria, this September, Bonus Specials & Student Rates + Payment options

How is NLP Going to help me? 

Adding NLP gives you a tool-belt so full, you can work with people for almost anything that might be bothering them. And the beauty is there are people searching specifically for NLP Practitioners in metropolitan areas, so there’s a bit of a built-in market.

Add new areas of expertise to your practice: 

• Overcome fears and phobias (Fast Phobia Cure)
• Shed excess weight ( Anchors and new Strategies)
• Stop negative habits like smoking, nail-biting, addictions
(Anchors & Pattern interruptions + Hypnosis)
• Overcome limiting beliefs (Values and Beliefs)
• Release negativity from the past (Time Line)
• Create motivation and confidence (Circle of Excellence)
• Learn Language Patterns that improve your marketing (Milton) and so much more!  

**And this qualifies for 72 hours of Professional Training for your Licenses

NLP Coach – a whole new program to expand your business

Most Practitioners work one-on-one from an office, with NLP you can expand your business into Coaching and sessions can be done via phone or Skype/Zoom calls from anywhere in the world.

Thought Models NLP Training – it’s what we do!

Harry Nichols is a Master Trainer, of NLP, with the Society of NLP, which is the only training facility recognized by the co-founder of NLP: Dr Richard Bandler

It’s easy: Sign up before July 15 with a deposit to hold your space ($250) with your email application. 

And you Save Big: if your registration is received by July 15

Email to Harry Nichols or Kathy Welter-Nichols 604-421-1722

In Victoria: Eshu Martin 250.642.7936

** This course includes MP3s for each class to help you continue to learn at home plus an extensive manual, in-class demonstrations and practice groups

Our students love this aspect of the training where you work together and experience the utilization of the tools of NLP yourself

This training is 9 days

Hosted by CACHE at Address1175 Cook St #228, Victoria, BC V8V 4A1
Module 1: September 5-8 (Thursday to Monday)
Module 2: October 9-13 (Wednesday to Sunday)
Times: 8:30 am – 5:30 pm 

We’ve attached two free downloads for you here, that provide an overview and some recent insights from Dr Bandler.

Come find us on our Facebook Page

Space is limited, so if this is something you have wanted to do for a long time, however, it just felt so expensive travelling to another city to secure it, CACHE is bringing this to you! 

We’ll also arrange with students that might wish to add the Master Practitioner Certification to their skills in the new year. 

For now, we’re coming to you!  

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Testimonials: We know you all have them, this will give you a little glyph of some of the ones we’ve received recently: 

Thank you (both)  for your wisdom and passion for sharing it me and the world.  Annie

The flight was surprisingly good! Like actually no big deal I’m beyond thrilled at this outcome and the unbelievable feeling of freedom….in fact, Amber and I almost cried after the first flight….such an overwhelming feeling of accomplishment and I have you to thank!
I didn’t even need the MP3’s on the flight!    Naomie
Since our session with you, we are communicating and sharing everything and there’s nothing to hide and there never will be again. Brooke 
I am sooooo excited for your music!! keep it coming more and mooore!!! Stefan
Kathy has helped me in ways I was not anticipating, I love your courses, and have benefited from them enormously.   Guy F


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