Blushing Anxiety

Take control of your fear of blushing with NLP/Hypnosis

NLP (Neuro-Linguistic-Programming)and hypnosis approach is a
proven method to cure the problem of fear of blushing.

Are you concerned about how often you seem to blush, and do you want a solution to this problem?

Stop your fear of blushing with NLP and hypnosis and we can help you do just that!

Every living human being blushes at some time or another.  Just as many people have developed a fear of blushing, an anxiety about
their tendency to blush because at some point in time, they became aware of it.

Often the distraction to really getting help for this, is the never ending question of why it happens in the first place, and why it seems to keep happening to “me”?

Maybe someone teased you about blushing, and created that fear of  blushing and therefore monitoring the potential of blushing
and from that day on, a worry that the fear of  blushing might happen whenever they are around people, or in a park, or in a car, or on the skytrain…
Many have looked for help for fear of blushing, to no avail and have become even more hyper-aware of their fear of blushing,
to the point where they have conditioned themselves to blush in certain situations.
‘I blush for no reason at all sometimes!’

You may not feel the hot flush, you may; it might be that someone else notices before even you do and without
realizing it, you  have conditioned yourself to fear blushing. Whatever caused your blushing to begin with, it can seem you have no control over it.
Blushing just seems to happen all by itself and that fear of not knowing when or how or what might trigger it creates the fear of blushing.
Blushing becomes automated.

Reflex blushing can be controlled

The truth is, once blushing comes to your attention as an unwanted physical response, the battle is on. Fearing blushing, you are on high alert for any cause or possibility.

Now it makes you very self conscious and withdrawing from public view causes you to avoid being around others.

The truth is, the more you think about it, and the more you fear blushing it’s as if you just keep doing it and the blushing gets worse and worse, more and more intense.

Your amazing brain

The way we can assist you with help for blushing is to work from the inside out.
People who have a problem with fear of blushing spend time worrying about it;
Will they blush in this situation or when their boss speaks to them.

Most people with no fear of blushing, rarely if ever think about it. It doesn’t occur to them to worry about it.

Use the power inside you to get help for fear of blushing

We provide a series of sessions, usually 3-4, and work with retraining your brains experience. You know eventually you do stop blushing, we help your

brain decide to normalize the experience for you once again, and when that happens and your blushing experiences become normal and you don’t care about it anymore,

you have returned to normal! No more fear of blushing! Sound impossible? Many people have received help for blushing by taking advantage of Hypnosis, which targets the subconscious mind, and of NLP, which speaks to the conscious mind and teaches you to permanently change your thought patterns, and so can you.
Just think! The help for blushing that you have longed for is now within your reach!

NLP/Hypnosis sessions can release the fear of blushing

Just a few sessions using NLP and hypnosis can be the key you have been looking for to receive help for blushing.
NLP and hypnosis are both time-tested and a very effective way to teach your mind how to cancel out any thought
of blushing as soon as it appears, and replace that thought with one that will banish all blushes from your psyche.
How to replace the fear of blushing with the confidence needed to interact socially with anyone, anywhere.

Release your fear of blushing

Hypnosis and NLP to help you release the fear of blushing!

Release your fear of blushing today, Contact Harry and book your sessions.
In just 2-3 sessions you can experience and sense of complete neutrality to blushing.

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