Changing Beliefs

Your false beliefs can become so deeply engrained they become your “normal” and anything other than those beliefs feel wrong or scary. Plenty of people SAY they want to change, but the painful reality is most are still too afraid to actually DO something about it. The fear of something new or different is too much, so they It can be easier than you think…False beliefs can keep us stuck in fear and stop us from living the life we are meant to.

Here’s why:

“People Grow Best When They Are Safe Yet Uncomfortable”

Because beliefs are shaped experientially they need to be RE-shaped using NEW experiences. This is uncomfortable at first. And once you get good at it, you’ll find that the new experiences fill you with a sense of strength, confidence and trust you never knew you could have.

Beliefs Change Curriculum

Only 30% of the class will be on helping you identify and understand where your your limiting beliefs come from. The majority of the time will be focused on helping you create new experiences that directly challenge the limiting beliefs you’ve identified and helping you reshape those core beliefs.

Since this is a group workshop, each participant will be contributing feedback and insight into the experiences you share. You’re welcome to turn to them for emotional support, creative ideas, considering things from a new unique perspective, perhaps something you have never thought of before. You’ll also be able to offer those things to the other members in the group as well. 

Limited Space-Register Today for the next class 

In order to get the most out of the workshop, space is limited to the first 8 participants that register. Once this workshop is filled, the remaining members that wish to participate will be placed on a waiting list for the next workshop. 

Contact me for the full Curriculum 

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