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The Authority Frame – Psychological Authority Frame – Which are you?

Our frame of reference is one of the key mental programs we are all running. It involves how we determine our needs and desires and how we evaluate our successes. Where do we get our authority, rights, privileges, and permissions for our actions and decisions? How much, and what kind of feedback do we need to know to gauge how well we have performed?

These Authority Frames set our Beliefs and tell us what to Value and these decisions guide our lives in every way. The key is they control our thoughts and what we tell ourselves about our experiences too.

Women raised in the 1970’s and earlier, were expected to “defer” to a male opinion, to do what they were told, to honour and “obey”. Today young women have no concept of this, nor do young men. Some young men actually find it appalling that older males treat women with so little respect as human beings. Young women look surprised at this strange concept of deferring to men. Thankfully this is a solid “paradigm” shift and will enable younger women & men to move past this old debilitating way of being in the world. more here

High Performance Coaching

THE VOICE IN your head wants you to UNDERSTAND things, and I’m going to say it really doesn’t; it often just wants to break away from a pattern and just vent and vent and vent, repeat things you often say to yourself, that are not resourceful and just keep you feeling bad about yourself, the situation, or stuck!

So let’s start here: When we make up terrible pictures and then talk to ourself in a negative, demanding, berating voice it gives us a BAD FEELING. (Anxiety, stress & tension)

And people do this so often, making internal images and they wait for it NOT to work out, and then when it doesn’t work out, they get angry, they feel bad and the go into conflict with the other person, situation or results. “this is not what I want” …read more here

Recovery from a lifetime of Diets!

Are you recovering from a lifetime of diets?

It’s a sad truth we’ve been “marketed to”. Marketed to about our body, size and shape, what we look like and who we look like; we’ve been coached since childhood about our looks, size height weight and how we are just not acceptable.

The Diet Industry is in the billions and going strong because we believed the marketing campaigns we bought into.

The truth is every time we’ve starved and manipulated our shape with these drastic steps we’ve ended up with issues. More issues than we understood…and it’s way past diet issues.

We actually started “messing” with our intelligent body systems and we make have tricked them for a short time, however, once the body goes through any significant change over a rapid period of time, it’s going to start to push back... Read More here

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