The Emotional Land “Mind”

Emotional Intelligence is a subjective study of what determines behaviour in one person, may generate something completely different in another.
Helping you deal with the belief strategies that support behavioural demonstrations of emotions, like anger, passive aggressive behaviours and the like,  as a way to cope with life through developing the resources to create a very different response. We can show you how.

We can help you to resolve many kinds of emotional challenges that are simply no longer serving you.

Strong emotions

Sometimes an otherwise fairly placid person will become a ‘demon’ in certain situations, like behind the wheel of a car, the road rage syndrome. This is often very amusing to people that know them, but really unsafe for the drivers on the road they might engage.

New choices and understanding are the essence of this work, while uncovering the beliefs that support this and re-framing those old patterns so you can at last feel a sense of control over your emotions.

Easy and effortless.

We deal directly with the beliefs and thought patterns that trigger emotive states. Once we have these strategies identified, we assist you in de-programming your old triggers.

The situations that trigger instant or out of control emotions, respond extremely well to our approach utilizing NLP strategies

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