The Allostatic Load

Mirror Neurons resolve the mystery of how we learn a language

Some nitty gritty on the main systems-just what is the allostatic load?

The perception of stress can both trigger and regulate Allostatic load.

Psychological modulators are as follows:

Social Support/ connectedness

  • Sense of Control, Predictability, ritual
  • Outlook (optimistic vr. Pessimistic)

Ability to dissipate frustration

When we are feeling a lack of bonding, no rapport, no connectedness and we are in the very vulnerable state of needing this support and connectedness for our very survival the stress hormones are now moving through the system affecting the person by altering heart rates, blood pressure, oxygen uptake, fluid retention, as well as affecting many other physiological and psychosomatic predicators. The belief in her ability to survive or will she simply die and no one will have noticed?

The perception of danger, whether real or imagined,  moves her into the flight or fight regions of the brain which begin to release stress hormones to the levels that will allow an ordinary person to lift a car from a child.

Constant suggestions of what might go wrong, voicing internal dialogue in a way that is both antagonistic and derogatory continue the release of the stress hormones catecholamine are going to take at least an hour to metabolize through her system.

A 50 year study published in 1992, categorically established that social support and connectedness provide a powerful salutogenic (health-promoting) effects on the heart.

Feeling you are in control of your work and personal life is one of the best predictors for a long and healthy life. Conversely feeling victimized by unpredictable forces outside of your control, can literally be a killer.

Mirror Neurons:

Action understanding and imitation all through Mirror Neurons; discovered in 1990 with more experimentation underway through 2007, by scientist Rizzolatti, we have a new understanding of how the prefrontal cortex learns the imitating observed behaviours.

This allows the individual to learn and links the observer of the action with the experience, creating a rudimentary form of social interactions. On top of this function, other functions can be built, some of which are present only in humans.

From this perspective, mirror neurons represent a “core mechanism” from which other functions branched off. One of these is imitation that is the ability to replicate an observed action already present in the observer & to learn a new motor action. The mirror neuron system, by providing motor copies of the observed actions, appears to be the ideal mechanism for imitation.

Beliefs, core values and established patterns of interaction with self and others are being laid down by these mirror neurons especially in heightened states of anxiety and stress.

Mirror neurons create a direct link between the sender of a message and its receiver (Rizzolatti and Arbib 1998).

Thanks to the mirror mechanism, actions done by one individual become messages that are understood by an observer without any cognitive interaction

The mirror mechanism is the basic mechanism from which language evolved. In fact, the mirror mechanism solved, at a initial stage of language evolution, two fundamental communication problems: parity and direct comprehension. Thanks to the mirror neurons, what counted for the sender of the message also counted for the receiver. No arbitrary symbols were required. The comprehension was inherent in the neural organization of the two individuals. It is obvious that the mirror mechanism does not explain by itself the enormous complexity of speech. Yet, it solves one of the fundamental difficulties for understanding language evolution, that is, how what is valid for the sender of a message becomes valid also for the receiver.

Mirror neurons it is believed, have a unique functional role. Their properties indicate, that they represent a mechanism that maps the pictorial description of actions carried out in the higher order visual areas onto their motor counterpart. This matching mechanism may underlie a variety of functions. Studies are new and yet underway.

We now know that whether we are watching a stressful situation, or we are in the stressful situation the mirror neurons can replicate the same chemistry for us and give us the same feelings

Otherwise the movie industry would not be as successful as it is! A great movie hits its clients on all levels.

What are those levels?

Kinesthetic – Feelings, releasing floods of sensation through the body

Visual – Great visuals – images that we can re-associate ourselves into over and over through imaging the pictures in our head. If we move the movie, run the show the scene, make it full colour, delight ourselves with the images, we’ll essentially get the same charges running through our body, whether we watched it then or now in our minds.

Auditory– When we add sound, tonality, inference, suggestion, we are adding another sensory perception to the running picture show.

Olfactory covers off what we think something might taste like or smell like…often this is missing in the movies, but a great movie will get your senses involved at all levels.

Gustatory:  Taste, memory of taste, recalling taste, taste triggers

Remember a movie scene where you watch someone gagging and then eventually throwing up. If they let the camera remain on the vomit long enough, you’ll get a sense of the smell of vomit, the feel of acid in the throat, and you’ll feel like running for fresh air.

That’s stimulating your inner mirror neurons to allow you to have the full experience of what you mind is observing, without it actually even happening to you.

A: criticize, suggest negative outcomes, create worry, tension or fears that are unnecessary,  in the future and out of control of the client and it will stimulate the release of catecholamine

B: positive priming, the belief she can do this, support from those around her. Less details and more generalization with helpful suggestions

We are now entering a new phase in humanity. At a very deep core level we all get this….be kinder to each other.


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