A Mindset Shift and a Belief Revision

A MINDSET CONSIDERATION: A slight belief revision 

Bring your own awareness to the “belief” you can help someone else… if you can get your mind around this right now, it will go a long way to serve you in your practice…The helping mindset pre-supposes another person is residing in a state of lack or incompleteness unable to help themselves.  Further, it can elevate our own status into thinking we have the answers and therefore we consult our own inner mindset which turns us away from sensory systems and truly “listening”

Because some days you will get easy and effortless changes than other days, they don’t seem to get what they thought they wanted at all. This is not down to you, just the techniques – when you have a whole toolbox of  Strategies and Techniques to bring to the table, it just means you have built more Resources within yourself…

You’ve learned more programming options, and perhaps developed a better cognition about how the brain stores and retrieves Information, or even the power of an eloquently delivered, strategically orchestrated linguistic marker.

(Think of the Eloquent part as being a language pattern that touches multiple sensory/rep systems and moves through as many Layers of consciousness as possible. Start listening for these as Harry is teaching the class… you begin to notice then when you kind of feel the language pattern as well as see or hear it)

Dr Bandler would stay with a client until they got the change. He is tenacious in this, never giving up which is often the encouragement a client may need at the moment to feel the hope they didn’t fail, there may still be a way to get what they want. Often that’s our biggest  task in change work, not to shift our own state into following the client’s beliefs – things won’t change for me

I often think when I’ve taken a client’s miss-step or lack of change as something I did or didn’t do,

Or I must have done something incorrectly.  We are all just a step along another’s path to wholeness.

It might just be the start of their journey of changing beliefs.

And If magically, I’m at the place where that change was so imminent it comes easily and effortlessly…that’s magic too.

Kathy Welter, Best Selling Author

R.CHt. NLP Licensed Trainer, DHE, EFT,

Clinician in Private Practice, 604-421-1722

“We don’t see things how they are, we see things how we are.  Our movies, our images, our internal senses drive the system”

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