The Neuroscience of Thought Leadership

The Relative Fields of Study in Neuroscience: Affective neuroscience; Behavioral neuroscience; Clinical neuroscience; Cognitive neuroscience; Computational neuroscience ; Cultural neuroscience ; Developmental neuroscience; Molecular and cellular neuroscience ; Neuroengineering; Neuroimaging; Neuroinformatics; Neurolinguistics; Neurophysiology; (read more under Neuroscience the brain that changes itself)

Neuro Thought Leadership

Neuroscience today provides the evidence based science around the technology of NLP and it's foundational approach to core functions. In the study of neuroscience from Harvard to Neuro Change Method and beyond, generating the evidence that NLP remains at the core of personal change work.

NLP Training

As the world continues its "new normal" the strategy of human evolution continues to pivot on the development of self. Today through ZOOM on line you can use this time to increase your knowledge base, of self and others and continue to affect influence and change in you and your world Join us this year and grow personally and professionally with this globally recognized designation. Millions of people have acquired their NLP Practitioner & Master Practitioner over the past decades. NLP continues at the foundational level of personal discovery.
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