Welcome to Thought Models NLP 2020 Training Schedule

Exciting new options for busy professionals in 2020... including weekday NLP Licensed Certification Training, custom-designed with small groups to optimize your learning experience. If weekends are a challenge for you, this might just be the answer: one day a week, and in small training groups, and licensed through the Society of NLP too! Booking now to secure your space.

We help people & business's communicate better with themselves so they can communicate better with others

Our business strategies for so many companies have helped shift old patterns into new workable solutions that help people get things done. Whether it's long term staff, executive or new entrants we provide personal development tools to help professionals improve their game.

NLP Licensed Certification Training through the Society of NLP | Dr. Richard Bandler

Legitimate Licensing We are licensed by the Society of NLP, the only legitimate training organization for NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Communications, NLP Advanced Communications, Design Human Engineering, Neuro Hypnotic Repatterning, and NLP Coaching Our students are licensed and receive their certification for NLP from the Society and certificates are signed by the Co-Creator of NLP: Dr Richard Bandler Students who complete the training are granted the privilege of using the Society of NLP Logos