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Mastery of Deep Trance States® at the ARCH Conference

The Mastery of Deep Trance States® workshop series is designed with you in mind. Join us for an overview and experience the benefits of heart centered deep trance. June 21, & 22 at the ARCH Conference in Vancouver. These workshops are offered monthly in Vancouver, contact us for more information

NLP™ Certification Training

Harry's ClassThe Original Society of NLP™ Certification Trainings with Expert Master Trainer Harry Nichols. Limited places available BOOK NOW for Practitioner Intensives and September/October/November weekends  Contact us today about this powerful training. You can book a one on one complimentary session with me, face to face or on Skype. Call: 604-421-1722 More info

One on One and Coaching

DSC00550 Whether your problem needs a therapeutic solution or you need (coaching) training or a development process in which you are supported while achieving a specific personal or professional competence result or goal. 1 on 1, personal and group solutions, we can help you get what you want. Contact  Harry and explore the possibilities NLP and Hypnosis offers you. 604-421-1722

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Learn communication secrets that will propel your hypnotic practice to a new level. Unlock the keys to language patterns, rapport secrets, the fast phobia cure, utilizing anchors; and so much more. You will leave this presentation with skills you can immediately implement into your practice... see you at the ARCH Conference June 21 & 22